Mobility and Remote Access


If you have installed the Direct CONTROL Outlook Addin, you can make Client appointments directly in Outlook or in Direct CONTROL Calendar View that automatically synchronises with Outlook. You can then synchronise your Outlook Calendar with your mobile phone.

iPhone ... How?

Android ... How? ... Check the manual that came with your Smart Phone

Managing Bad Debts

Bad Debts can be avoided by:

About Health Funds

There are over 80 Health Funds in Australia the majority of which are members of the Fund Group Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA).

Each Group has various billing rules that need to be followed if the Practitioner has entered into an Agreement with them and some Funds have setup their own Fee Structures and have their own Group.

End of Day Procedures

Tasks you should complete at the end of each working day:

  • Daily Banking
  • Printout tomorrow's Appointment List
  • Backup
  • Celebrate your achievements

Daily Banking
You can generate Bank Deposit Reports from Direct CONTROL to accommodate your banking needs. However, the preferred method is to generate these reports ONLY to check accuracy of data entry and then export your transactions to your Accounting Application and complete the Daily Banking in that Accounting Application.