We have no idea how we ever coped before getting into Direct CONTROL.



Practice Manager
Miami Day Hospital

After thoroughly assessing the software available to us, choosing Direct CONTROL was a 'no brainer'. It runs rings around its competitors. These people understand our business and clinicalinfo-icon needs.



CEO and staff
Ophthalmic Group of 5 and Day Hospital

I have been using Direct CONTROL for my Podiatry business it is by far, the best Practiceinfo-icon Management Software programs I have used. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone in the field of Podiatry or Allied healthinfo-icon. I chose Direct CONTROL because

I wanted a user friendly program that meets my needs as a Podiatrist. I find Direct CONTROL enables me to make my day more efficient and improve my workflow with its layout and systems in place.

Direct CONTROL is great for many reasons, however the best aspects to name a few are; Medicare/DVAinfo-icon integration, SMSinfo-icon functionality, billing, patient data entry, templatesinfo-icon, communication management and support. The team at Direct CONTROL have also been great to work with and provide fantastic support.

I have been very impressed with Direct CONTROL and would definitely recommend it to any medical discipline, in particular Podiatrists thinking of implementing or switching practice management programs.

Cameron Bell

Cameron Bell

Carestream Health (formerly Kodak Health Group) is a supplier of imaging and information solutions to the global radiology market. Since every country has different reimbursement schemes and rules around funding of radiology we partner with local organisations to complement our solution with the addition of a local billing product believing that this component is best left to those whose core business is billing. In Australia we have had a checkered history with previous partners in this area and following a long selection process over the last 2 years Carestream Health was very pleased to select CONNECT DIRECT as its partner. CONNECT DIRECT was chosen based on expertise in healthcare billing, market place experience, product features & functionality, future business viability, willingness to partner, cultural fit to our organisation, ability to provide customer value and its wonderful focus on its customers."




Carestream Health

After having difficulties with previous systems in our small but busy day surgery we were especially careful in choosing our software this time around. Direct CONTROL has proved to be a reliable, efficient and user friendly system. The system adheres to the typical workflow of a modern practice, from patient registration to sending data to the department of health and ageing. The familiar surroundings of Microsoft office make it ideal for creating a variety of documents and communicating efficiently with staff. The integration with other programmes such as MYOB works very well. The support is prompt and professional and generally resolves issues without difficulty. The system reflects a software-design team that is well informed about the regulatory requirements of a day surgery and the expectations of patients, surgeons, health fund needs and Medicare.

Sydney Oculoplastic Surgery

I could expound positive compliments for pages about Direct Control and the advances it has helped us make in the way our business operates; I’ll do my best to be succinct:

We have 27 anaesthetists in our group.  We had used the same software for 10 to 15 years.  With advances in our hardware and volume of work, the program we were using would freeze and crash our server causing interruption and frustration constantly, we needed to find something that was well written, dynamic and would grow with our practice needs.

Written to be compatible with the Microsoft environment with its SQL data base, stable within our Windows terminal server platform and more than capable of growing with us as our practice evolves in size and complexity, our IT support company gave Direct Control the big green tick, saying it was a well written sound program.  Direct Control was the perfect solution for our business. 

When we took on Direct Control, we used the opportunity to overhaul our work practices. We decided to not only have the staff interacting with the program but also the doctors!  The idea was met with a little trepidation.  With Robyn’s exceptional teaching skills and enthusiasm we held some instructive training days and we had all the doctors and staff ‘logging in’ and skilfully navigating through the program in no time. 

We challenged everything we knew about anaesthetic billing when we changed over to Direct Control, we restructured our work flow and the results have been remarkable;

Before, doctors would bring batches of cards in to the rooms; the cards had all the details on them for billing the patient’s account.  The inputting and billing of the patient’s episode of care was all done post operatively, there were no time measures, thus it could, and often would be done weeks even months in arrears.  Work would build up and up and there would be pressure to try and keep the work moving to keep cash flowing. 

Now the patient data is entered prior to surgery, doctors enter their own invoices, accounts staff check and submit/issue the accounts, the Eclipse payments are automated the  accounts are done daily.  The entire ‘billing’ process is more efficient.  We are able to measure and audit our processes utilising the detailed reports available with Direct Control.  All accounts are up to date and the staff are able to concentrate on other areas of the practice we are developing.

We no longer have a paper diary (which was a massive big book which was on its own trolley to move around the room) we use Outlook with the Direct Control Addin, exclusively, as our diary.  With Microsoft Exchange each doctor is connected to their diary with their iPhone/smartphone at all times. 

Direct Control’s support and backup has been and continues to be helpful, accessible and professional. 

Direct Control has completely changed what we do and how we do it for the better. I am confident that the relationship with this innovative program which facilitates effective work systems will continue well into the future.

Sue Viney
Stace Anaesthetists

Direct CONTROL has 'raised the bar' with the product and the service making competitors realise that they have to 'lift their game' by improving their products and supporting the 'industry'. Well done!

A 'well respected' Doctor

That’s fantastic. Thank you! You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this – obviously I should have changed to Direct CONTROL long ago!  

Thanks for all your support and advice Robyn – I can already see major advantages in running my practice and there are huge time savings already, and have spotted some further things I can do which will greatly improve efficiency, now that I’m using the Direct Control software. 

A very satisfied customer!

Can I also say that your availability for support has been outstanding – weekends, 5.30am!

Simon Beal
Clinical Psycologist

We chose Direct CONTROL for its billing and statutory reporting due to its simplicity of use, in-depth and comprehensive coverage of regulations and its flexibility to incorporate within our next generation software.


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The ultimate aim is to have Clients/Pati

13/09/2018 - 11:40am

The ultimate aim is to have Clients/Pati

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Eliminate more data entry by using a Card Reader to swipe Medicare Cards and Credit or Debit Cards. USB plug and play. Cost $250 plus postage.

11/08/2015 - 2:58pm

From 1 October 2015, security controls will be strengthened in line with government security standards.

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We look forward to catching up throughout the year

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Bad Debts can be avoided by:

23/02/2015 - 11:52am

Bad Debts can be avoided by:

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There are over 80 Health Funds in Australia the majority of which are members of the Fund Group Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA).

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Tasks you should complete at the end of each working day:

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Ratio What does it do?

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Direct Control supports BPAY payment processing and generates (CRN) Customer Reference Numbers on your Remittances.

23/02/2015 - 11:42am

Direct Control supports BPAY payment processing and generates (CRN) Customer Reference Numbers on your Remittances.